Harn Yawnghwe: UN efforts deserve support Harn Yawnghwe (Photo: The Korea Times) Harn Yawnghwe: UN efforts deserve support Current UN operations in Burma, despite varied outcomes, are worth solid support from t 西裝he people of Burma whose needs are such any assistance, big or small, is a blessing, according to Brussels-based Burma activist Harn Yawnghwe. 25 August 術後面膜 2008 “The UN is the one of the few friends we have,” he said yesterday. Speaking to the meeting of border-based Tai Coordination Committee (TCC) that was formed las 酒店打工t January as part of the joint struggle to set up a Shan State representative body, he spoke highly of Ibrahim Gambari, Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, and To 裝潢mas Ojea Quintana, the new UN Special Rapporteur on human rights in Burma, who had recently concluded their separate visits to the military-ruled country.“Mr Gambari is considered an old hand in dealin 澎湖民宿g with military dictators, his country also having been under military rule,” said 60-year Harn, Director of Euro Burma Office (EBO). “Mr Quintana is also a veteran human rights activist. They deserve all the sup 室內設計port and advice that we can give.” Both have been lambasted by activists and opposition politicians alike for their “soft approach” to Burma’s ruling generals. Harn urged the TCC members, led by Peunkham Payakwong and Ms Hsen 設計裝潢g Noung, to consider the consequences of the alternative. “As long as the UN has a role in the Burma affairs, there is hope,” he pondered. “Once it runs out of role, the country will become practically out of sight and out of hearing to the res 禮服t of the world.”  Harn Yawnghwe is one of the surviving sons of the Sao Shwe Thaike, former Prince of Yawnghwe and later the first President of Burma (1948-1952). He died under mysterious circumstances a few months after being detained at Insein followin 酒店打工g the 1962 military coup det’at. His late mother Sao Hearn Hkam, the Mahadevi of Yawnghwe, also served as a Member of Parliament and later President of the Shan State War Council (1964-68). http://www.shanland.org/politics/2008/harn-yawnghwe-un-efforts-deserve-support &n 居酒屋bsp;  .
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